When Dana created Rubatano Center, people were able to not only be listeners of the music, but players as well. Throughout all these years, Dana has helped bring many master musicians from Zimbabwe to our island, enriching us even more with a deeper understanding of the culture and where the music comes from. I can’t imagine my life without this music in it. It continues to feed my soul.
— Leslie Yingling
Thanks again for such a fun class tonight! I truly feel so blessed to have you as my teacher & to be so close! It is all so meant to be & I am truly grateful!
— Annie R.
The girls are loving marimba and it makes me happy to know they are in there learning this special music from a special woman like yourself.
— Carol K.
I have been playing marimba with the Rubatano Center before we were even a Center... about nine years now. This music is one of the most important gifts in my life. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for this amazing medicine... the gift the ancestors of the land of Zimbabwe have lovingly shared with the world.
— Hope Fay
After 7 years of weekly rehearsals, the members of Chenjera are like brothers and sisters to me - we dance and smile and groove together. The group learns together, taught by Dana, and often teaching each other parts. At a kids camp this summer, Chenjera members were counselors, teaching marimba alongside world class musicians. I was intrigued to see kids organizing new information in their brains, as I had. Marimba has helped me release stress, solidified my rhythm as a bass player, and ultimately given me a lighter outlook on life. Thanks to being around marimba music and Dana, I am hopeful that the world can be changed by the ripple-effect of one person. A catalyst alone can begin the change, but to really get somewhere, it takes a village, a community, a nation, and music is the way.
— Sylvie Kaul-Anderson
Zimbabwean traditional music is going through transformation in North America. Dana manages and promotes Zimbabwean musicians, runs a children’s summer camp and is a regular fixture at the Zimbabwean Music Festival. She has built a musical community on Whidbey Island and many students have graduated from her center. Dana Moffett and Rubatano remain a watershed of Zimbabwean music transformation, diffusion and reception in North America.
— Tendai Muparutsa
Dana’s ability to teach marimba music is truly inspiring. The impact the Rubatano Center has had on my life has been truly outstanding, marimba music has given me a form of expression that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.
— Gabe Frishman
Rubatano Center invites different people and cultures to come together and experience the good and fun of life through music and dance. Dana sponsors us from Zimbabwe to come to the U S A to share Shona music with kids and adults of all ages. Everyone feels welcome at Rubatano.
— Jacob Mafuleni