Music is and has always been a unifying factor around the world, bringing together people from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities and of course, traditions.  It is through music that people get to know and understand other cultures and develop a liking to adopt into that culture.   ~Vusa Mkhaya



Mauya Mauya!  Welcome to Rubatano paChitsuwa. The name, meaning United on the Island, came from Cosmas Magaya and Beauler Dyoko after one of their many visits to Whidbey Island. They and many other Zimbabwean guests feel at home here while sharing their Shona music and culture.

Rubatano Center is a gathering point for learning how to play traditional and contemporary music from Zimbabwe on marimbas. Although this music is rich in tradition, variety and complexity, it is easy and fun to learn without having prior musical experience. One of the missions of Rubatano Center is to explore this richness and experience the joy of playing marimba in ensemble form.  Rubatano Center currently has nine classes per week, spanning several generations.

As a teacher of this music, I strive to maintain a warm-hearted spirit in my studio as we learn and work together, building a feeling of community, support and motivation for each student.

Pre-registration for Kids Camp has begun. Click HERE to fill out the pre-online registration form, or visit Blue Sound Music in Langley to pick up a paper form.


Registration for Summer Classes will begin in late June. Contact us now to indicate your interest, whether  you are returning to an existing class or if you a brand new player.